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LibreCores is where the digital hardware community meets. Find IP cores. Learn to use them. Release your own designs. Join the community.

What is LibreCores?

Digital devices (or commonly "chips") are the basic building blocks of electronic systems. Such devices are for application-specific devices like a USB controller. But also programmable "System-on-Chip" are found in embedded systems. Both tastes of a chip are composed of basic building blocks, so called IP (Intellectual Property) cores. A "LibreCore" is such an IP core that is created and distributed in the open source spirit. And is like a good neighborhood pub, a place to meet the community and —most importantly— find such cores.

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Getting started with your LibreCore

We are heavily working on making the community hub where you can attract the attention of like-minded developers to your LibreCore or find a fitting core for your project. While we are working on it, you are maybe working on a LibreCore or about to start one. To give you a quick start we have assembled some information about project handling and licensing:

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Feel the pulse

What's going on in the digital hardware design community? Planet Librecores collects blog posts from different community members. Subscribe to it in your feed reader, or read it online.

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Be part of it

Getting started with digital hardware design has never been easier. You can do it!

Our Community Hub collects a range of information for you to get started. Where to get answers? How to publish existing code? What are the restrictions of using code?

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